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Translate Your World software for real-time voice translation adds WebRTC

Across-language communication in 78 languages becomes easier with WebRTC technology
Across-language communication in 78 languages becomes easier with WebRTC technology

Translate Your World, developers of linguistic and mobile marketing technologies, today announced the release of the latest update to its groundbreaking TYWI-Live (“tie-wee”), the voice translation software that translates what people say in real-time into 78 languages. The update adds cutting-edge WebRTC capabilities to its speech translation software capacity. WebRTC is designed to enable web browsers to transfer spoken words over the internet in addition to text. WebRTC is expected to revolutionize online communication, and has certainly revolutionized Translate Your World’s already jaw-dropping speech translation software.

Often described as a leap in the direction of Star Trek’s Klingon Translator, Translate Your World has been used to provide automatic subtitles and interpretation in multiple languages for major conferences; to speak over Skype across languages, and to turn webinars into truly global experiences while using WebEx, Adobe Connect, Blackboard, GoToWebinar, or any other web conferencing software.

Now, with the addition of WebRTC, the users of TYWI can have multi-directional conversations. With no training or preparation, people speak into their headset or device in their native language from various locations. Their words stream through their browsers to TYWI for processing and instant speech translation. Then TYWI delivers the voice translation to all users in their choice of language and choice of subtitles or a translated speaking voice like Apple’s Siri. If desired, the spoken contributions of all participants can be saved in a database as subtitles for re-play over video or as meeting notes.

“The impact of WebRTC is already being felt. Developers of speech technologies are gearing up for new, exciting, online web-talking tools,” enthuses Sue Reager, the company’s president, who also heads a renowned translation agency. “Translate Your World is one of the first to emerge with its solution for webpage-based across-language communication in real-time. WebRTC doubles the capabilities of Translate Your World and facilitates international conferences with multiple participants. It enables corporate training and education with voice translation where students can dialog back in their own language. And it translates across-language conversations between hotel staff and guests, nurses and patients, the hearing and the deaf, and more. All with no training required for the user.”

TYWI is a deceptively simple-looking online Web software. Just go to a webpage. The easy-to-use interface hides an active and extremely clever hub combining little-known side technologies by giants like Microsoft, Nuance, Google, SDL, ReadSpeaker, and others. These side-software that help TYWI speech translation software are stable and brilliantly designed, but most people don’t even know they exist or that they have them in their devices. Through TYWI, these companies and products that are normally competitors function in harmony for the betterment of global business and communication. Users choose whichever technology best handles their language and subject matter. Many of the voice translation technologies learn and improve over time, and there are ways to further improve the speech translation software's results with personal and special dictionaries for technical, technology, medical, and tourism.

The addition of WebRTC capability also means that Translate Your World’s upcoming Version 2.0 of voice translation, due out in September, will offer online across-language talking to everyone – just go to a webpage, create an account, and start talking across languages. The world of technology is just now catching up to WebRTC, so WebRTC may not be fully available yet on every device. But like a tsunami, the wave of WebRTC is coming, and Translate Your World's speech translation software will already be there.

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Translate your World develops numerous online web software that function in dozens of languages with voice and text. The Translate Your World suite includes applications for international web events, global mobile applications, media subtitling, and across-language conversation. For information visit or email to contact(at)

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