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Visible Transitions
Visible Transitions
by Connie Sorensen

As the seasons rapidly transition we are amazed at how quickly things change. Currently as we witness the winter-to-spring arrival not only do we feel the gradual escalation of the temperature, but the relief of heavy, burdensome layers being lifted from our shoulders.

Although in Iowa, we often experience overcast days, we truly appreciate the glorious sunshine as we enjoy its embracing warmth.

When the bone-chilling winds begin to gently dust us as whispers of surrounding life, it is easy to understand that we are once again participating in one of the most revitalizing jubilations on this earth.

Rapidly changing white winter landscapes tend to literally evaporate before our eyes as we scan our surroundings. The snow and ice transformations go from slick, shiny sleek white surfaces to snow mountains and icicles to smaller mounds and dripping water and white masses dangerously and haphazardly sliding off of metal roofs. 

Sparkling surfaces soften and disappear as winter waves begin to evaporate or lay on the ground spreading into soft-spoken streams at the edge of the pavement.

Yet, another phase surrounds us as our vehicles have difficulty keeping clean while curbsides become homes to masses of dark, dirty hillsides hovering at the edge with water puddling on the roadsides sometimes disguising potholes or cracks in the pavement.

We indeed see a sampling of how God frequently shows us the darkness before the awakening dawn.

Again, He demonstrates His majestic artist's palette as He builds on the basic foundations He has already put in place. 

After months of appreciating tree trunks and barren branches against the all-white back drop, we can see how important their intricate designs are as they stand firmly planted day after day and while extending their arms with new growth as a simple twig becomes a branch shaping each variety of tree.

We are able to see the intricate, magical designs of the wide assortment of trees found in our area of the country.

Balconies and sidewalks once more appear as outside eating areas and driveways begin to dry and offer us more ways to experience the outside with seating, tables and grills.

Gathering places and benches once again become useful. The emerging brown grass visibly becomes green. The earth has had a rest. It has been refreshed with plenty of nurturing as the ground becomes saturated to the extent of over-flowing and rising rivers crest.


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