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Transitioning into spring

Transitioning into spring with flair
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If you're standing in front of the racks in your closet, are you still wondering whether your expensive designer outfit will be versatile enough to justify your purchase? Take out some of the accessories in your closet or reconsider shopping for some of the separates you need. Have you decided to buy a jacket or sweater that a designer like Rafaella makes. Will it go with your expensive designer sleeveless dress, for example, at least in Chicago? Another shopping trip to look for clothes might be necessary before spring is upon us.

Well, maybe your getting ready to go to the next opera in downtown Chicago. If you're a guy, have you decided to spend a little more money on jackets to wear one at the opera? Could it be that with all the weddings your friends are having this year, a dinner jacket or tux is a justifiable expense this time? Calvin Klein is an example of a designer that has some reliable fashions that might suit you this year again, even if you already chose one of his designs last year. When you pay full price for a designer like him, you can rely on his suits and jackets, regardless of whether or not you're a big star with a big clothing budget.

Ladies, those of you who are like our model, seeking a way to come to terms with the fact that clothes are getting more expensive again, that Anne Klein outfit that you're considering purchasing is becoming more versatile as you buy a sweater or two to go with it. Can you take out the shoulder pads in a jacket you've had for a while and still mix and match separates with it? Then, a yes answer might mean a full price skirt that has the perfect colors to complement your new blouse by Jones New York. The one you bought on sale last year or this January might have been the perfect price, if you really like that designer.

With all the beautiful things you're seeing for spring in department stores and boutiques, you're likely to finally find the look that's just right for you in Chicago, at least for a while, despite a really tight budget. Once you decide you need to update your look with a more dramatic and stylish one, it could be that it's an improvement from getting a pair of jeans at Farm and Fleet this time. (Don't knock it unless you've tried it.) This may be the year that you get the big raise and the promotion or the big job that you need to clinch with the more stylish outfit. You can never tell.

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