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Transitioning in first quarter requires planning

The first quarter of any year can create stress and contemplation on whether you want to stay in your current industry or possibly pursue an alternative. It’s important to consider several factors before you decide to make a move.

  • Why are you going to move companies? A recent study stated that you should select a job based on the boss. Anyone over the age of 35 would disagree. Those of us (Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers) who lived through the ‘merger/downsize’ age of the 90’s will tell you that following a boss is not a strategy that will create a long term career path. What if they decide to move again? Are you going to follow them forever?
  • Frustration in this job may be because of the job functions, not the company. You are great at selling things/influencing people to buy a product or service/creating a buzz about a concept. Maybe the culture of the organization is not conducive to your ability to grow. This doesn’t mean that you have to transition. Consider having a candid discussion with the people who could help you realize the vision you have in the organization. You may end up parting ways – but you have left knowing that you told them about your aspirations.
  • Industries are becoming smaller communities and networks. Now that we have entities like professional organizations and online networks such as LinkedIn®, be aware of how you will be perceived within your industry if you make a move. The last thing you want to have happen is burning a bridge and then having that manager or co-worker end up where you are again.
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