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Transition: Momentum and persistent reinforcement segundo

Vision Metrics

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In addition to reinforcing the vision and using waves of change efforts, measurement strategies help deflate self-satisfaction. More broad performance oriented goals that reflect the overall performance from a vision standard may prove that the small successes are still not a complete fulfillment of the main objective. Again, as the PE story points out, narrow measurements focus on narrow functions, while the true objective sometimes escapes accurate measurement. An overarching index correlating to the objective measurement of the level of achievement on the vision is a more accurate measure of the entire change process.

External Variables

Measurements are necessary internally, yet may be more valuable when obtained externally. An excellent strategy employed to enhance momentum is turning of short-term wins into repetitious and continuing waves of momentum. The small win in a change process provides proof that change is a good thing and has strategic value. It also provides a reward for those who support the efforts and emotional approval of their sacrifices. The win helps keep alignment with the main vision and shows that the vision is working. Importantly, the win helps to depose powerful skeptics who oppose any change effort. Even more importantly, wins build support, understanding, and additional believers into the core concept. Companies can seek out consultants, analysts, customers, constituents, and even competitors for feedback on small successful changes and their meaning to industry patterns of transformation.

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