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Transition from Summer to Fall style with JustFab wardrobe essentials

It's more than okay if you're still rocking an enviably tanned body with your sea salted, beach waved hair. However, there comes a time every year when women look from their sunglasses and pina coladas into their Fall fashion future. As the seasons change, so do wardrobes. Thankfully, JustFab is leading the fashion charge and winning at updating your look with these expertly styled pieces.

During the Summer, this Everly Piped dress looks fantastic on its own. During the Fall, you can pair it with a jacket and boots to maximize its longevity in your closet. Your pocket book can thank us later.

When shopping this time of year, it's super easy to spend a fortune. What ends up happening is that us women fall for the totally trendy, dated pieces instead of looking for versatility. There isn't a fuzzy boot, heavy fabric, or luxely lined leather that we simply cannot live without. We'll wear that piece constantly, only to have to pack it up in a bin until the following year. Then, the following year we finally find the bin like a needle in the haystack only for the cut of these particular wonders to be totally out of style.

For all Fall intensive purposes, classic pieces with cute twists on traditional prove to not only be the most useful but also the most cost effective. Instead of heavy leather, pick lighter leathers that can easily be paired with your old Summer dresses. Next, add a legging to that look. Instead of fabrics that weigh a ton, choose a resilient fabric as it will transition much more easily into other seasons. Cardigans can provide you with the warmth you so desire. If money's tight, opt for a few bright accessories that liven up your existing closet. Finally, neutrals such as black, white, beige, tan, brown and grey remain timeless and save you tons of precious morning time for putting together your look.

With JustFab leading the Fall fashion charge, you're sure to not only look just fabulous, but also really well put together. Take a look at the pieces expert celebrity stylists pick with your best intentions at heart. Updating your wardrobe will be nothing more than a walk on the beach this year.

Shop JustFab by clicking here. New VIP members are also always treated to special sales and deals, of which your fabulous beach waved hair won't mind at all. Your pocket book won't mind either. Trust us.

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