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Transient accused of beating puppy who is in foster care

Via Crazy Pit Bull Lady FB Page

A seven-month-old puppy was severely beaten after a Phoenix, Ariz., area transient let him out of his yard and attacked him, reported Wednesday's Arizona Family News.

The pit bull puppy, named "Hayden," had been inside of a fenced yard at his foster home on Wednesday morning when 38-year-old Kristopher Kimmerling allegedly opened the gate, let the pup out and proceeded to beat him.

Michelle Chandler, who fosters the puppy for the Crazy Pit Bull Lady rescue agency, saw a portion of Hayden's abuse; she told AZ Family:

He's just kicking the puppy in the face over and over, and I start screaming at him to stop and I grabbed the puppy,"

Hayden was rushed to a veterinarian at the Catalina Animal Hospital where it was determined that he had suffered a broken nose, wounded tongue, and possible eyesight and neurological damage.

The rescue agency posted the following information to Facebook on Wednesday afternoon:

He is on pain management for his broken teeth and his broken nose. He has fluid that is likely blood in his lungs. The xrays confirmed there are no broken bones in the top of the skull. He has a hematoma and many punctures piercing all the way through his tongue. He cannot see correctly. He has continued nose bleeds. And, his tail is still wagging.

The man believed to be responsible for the brutal attack was arrested - Kimmerling was jailed on a charge of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

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