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Transgender candidate wins Republican primary in Nevada

Lauren Scott & Governor Brian Sandoval
Lauren Scott & Governor Brian Sandoval

Lauren Scott, an openly transgender candidate for Nevada Assembly District 30, just won the Republican primary election taking 58% of the vote compared to her opponent, Adam Khan, who only took 42%. Scott is running for the seat currently held by Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle, a Democrat. Nevada Assembly District 30, which includes parts of Reno, has a Democrat voter advantage but Scott, being a moderate GOP candidate, has an opportunity to win the general election in a year with low voter turnout.

“My core values and political beliefs are moderate to center-right,” Scott said when she announced her candidacy. “Common sense and middle-of-the-road positions are generally not embraced by those who simply want to play politics. I intend to find solutions to the difficult problems facing Nevadans, not simply pander, be self-serving or obstructionist.”

Scott was appointed to a two-year term as Commissioner to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission (NERC) back in 2012, and also worked as a lobbyist for Equality Nevada. She has been endorsed by Governor Brian Sandoval, Assemblyman John Hambrick, and Patty Cafferata, former Nevada State Treasurer and Assemblywoman.

“Lauren was an active-duty member of the US Air Force for nearly seven years and will provide valuable insight as we work to make Nevada the most veteran-friendly state in the country,” Governor Sandoval said when he announced his endorsement for Scott. “Lauren’s business experience will also be a great asset as we continue Nevada’s comeback.”

Scott’s plan for Nevada’s comeback is centered on reducing unemployment and helping small businesses. “We have an ongoing fiscal crisis in Nevada that we cannot simply tax and spend our way out of,” she explained. “There are many ways to increase revenues without raising taxes and the best way to do that is to reduce unemployment. If elected, I will identify and pursue common-sense initiatives that will give small business owners the tools they need to continue Nevada’s comeback.”

Scott is a veteran of the US Air Force and received an honorable discharge in 1994. During her time in the military, she earned two Achievement Medals and received a Commendation Medal for her service during Operation Desert Storm.

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