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Transforming weakness into strength

The puzzle is coming together
The puzzle is coming together
Marian LaSalle

Success is the natural course of life. Nature wants to grow, expand and is constantly moving towards cleansing and creating. We can work together with life in a conscious evolved state cooperating with nature to clean out our thoughts of lack and weakness and replace it with thoughts and actions towards success—a mental motion of success.

We need to stay conscious of this energy in the human mind that forms habit patterns of weakness that if left unchecked, controls us, causing us to feel we have no power to overcome thoughts of overeating, over-drinking, procrastination and self defeating behavior.

All the therapies and solutions that we have been given by our social structure to help overcome our weakness has proven that NOTHING is as effective as a FACE to FACE confrontation between the power of the weakness energy or self-defeating mental energy that is holding back your success and the power of the UNIVERSE in your mind.

You can achieve mastery over ANY weakness in your mind!

Direct Confrontation is a proven technique that will overcome your weakness right NOW if you use this technique daily until your weakness has been eliminated from your mind on all levels.

Weaknesses are un-evolved habit patterns of mental energy within the subconscious mind that surface to one’s conscious mental activity in an attempt to control one’s mind and nervous system.

Make sure that you re-read this lesson every day for at least seven days remembering that the weakness energy occupying your mind is temporal and it will pass given time and through confrontation you cause that evolution to take place NOW.

A positive mental attitude about the confrontation will assure your success!

If you are to completely succeed…

1. You must REALLY want to change

2. You must REALLY want to succeed and be happy

3. You must TRULY believe that no temporal energy of your mind can stand up to the eternal energy of the God-Power at the center of your mind.

You CAN do it! RIGHT NOW!

This confrontation power technique is the unlimited healing, transforming, eternally present primal energy power “centered” in your mind that has ALL-Power to directly confront and eliminate the hold of negative weakness energies from your subconscious.

Whenever any weakness energy enters your mind, call within to the universal power center of your mind which contains the power presence of the universe. Look at yourself in the mirror or talk to yourself just like you would if you were confronting another person and say one of the following confrontation affirmations.



The Universal-Power within me is greater than the power of self-doubt within me. I yield my mind and body to the Universal-Power within. The Universal-Power within me gives me the peace and power to get up, go out, travel to, and have this interview. (or make this decision, or ask for what I want)


The Universal-Power within me is greater than the power causing me to overeat. The Universal-Power within brings peace to my mind and body.

As you use the confrontation affirmation, think and FEEL the greater power taking over your mind. FEEL this until you no longer feel any influence whatsoever from the weakness energy of your mind.

When this happens say the following…

I give thanks to the Universal-Power of my mind for giving me Self-Mastery.



  • becky 5 years ago

    Nice article!

  • Candy Turner 5 years ago

    Great, and very timely, article! I just finished the book " ~ CandyThink Thin to Live Thin" by Kelly Stallings. It made me realize that I'm my own worst enemy. No matter how many people praise you, if you don't praise yourself, it doesn't sink in. This article provides me with even more fuel to kickstart my brain for making the changes I've wanted to make for a long time.

  • Louise Dewey 5 years ago

    Thanks for this timely information. We all have this power within us - we just need to be reminded and then USE it!

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