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Transformers Battle Masters, who will reign supreme

When it come to the battle of good versus evil, who prevails. Transformers Battle Masters poses this age old question with this new toy. The power struggle between the Autobots and the Decepticons wages on as friends and foes battle for supremacy.

Transformers Battle Masters, take the battle to your living room
Cristine Struble
Battle for supremacy, Transformers Battle Masters
Cristine Struble

The Transformers Battle Masters have two challengers strike, punch, and job their way to a win. Each player controls the battle action via the controller. The goal is to knock the opponent's head off balance. The toy works by a squeezing the controller to throw a punch. Where and when to make the throw is up to the players.The first player to knock off the opponent's head will reign supreme.

The fun part to the Battle Master toys is that no ring is required. Players can take the action outside to battle or sit next to each other on the couch. Plus, the toy can be played with or without the controller. Without the controller, the toy is easy to bring in a back pack for a travel toy.

In addition to the physical toys, each Battle Master comes with a a special QR code to unlock features in the Transformers Battle Masters app. The app has players swipe the screen to punch and defeat their opponent. It is a head to head battle for supremacy. The Transformers Battle Master app is free on iTunes.

The Transformers Battle Master come in a 2 pack featuring Optimus Prime and Megatron. The 2 Pack Battle Masters retails for $24.99. Single Transformers Battle Masters Challengers retail for $14.99.

Grab your favorite Transformer and fight to reign supreme with Transformers Battle Masters.

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