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Transformers: All Hail Megatron 16: bleah.


Transformers: All Hail Megatron issue 16 coverSo somewhere, some guy gets an awesome story concept. He thinks, let's make these gigantic robots that transform into other things as like, a disguise right? And they're aliens! They're giant alien robots, and they've been at WAR with each other for millions of years, in battle fields all across the galaxy. But instead of talking about them, we'll just tell stories about the people that encounter them when they come to earth.

Wait, what?

When IDW first got the license to print money Transformers comic books, everything was going great. They got the best known writer from the original, Marvel comics (and then again, the writer who saved the Dreamwave comics from their mediocre, fan-fiction start) Simon Furman to reimagine everything from scratch. We got a modernized, streamlined version of the Transformers mythos, complete with modernized versions of the Transformers themselves.

And a coherent story, planned out from the very beginning. It was good, everything made sense, and the annoying bits were kept to a minimum. Sure, the book had a few human characters - it's one of those things the Transformers property can't seem to avoid, but they weren't the subject of the story. This Examiner always found that odd; if the robot characters are compelling enough, why do you need humans to 'relay' the story at all?

But I digress.

So things are going great, and then for reasons unknown, IDW decided to change everything. They got rid of Furman and picked some new guy to 'shake things up', which is apparently code-speak for 'take away everything that was good about our run so far and try to pretend we're still telling a story in the old Marvel continuity'. All those modernized robots? They got pushed back to their 1985 forms.

All the sub-plots happily moving along for years? Thrown out or brought to a strange conclusion for no good reason. Oh, and yeah, why bother telling the story about the ultra-cool robots any more. We'll have them try to take over earth now, despite their specific reasons for not doing so in the last four or so years of story, and then tell sixteen issues of stories about the annoying people getting stepped on by them.

With a bit of robots kept in for fan service, of course.

All Hail Megatron was a twelve issue series of this new direction, which was then extended an extra four issues - quite literally - with fill-in stories that picked up the pieces of the main series. This specific issue, issue 16, had one featuring Bumblebee being hunted by angry humans who were oddly a threat to him, and one featuring Spike. Yep, half of a TRANSFORMERS book talking about a human. Awesome, huh?

If you like that sort of thing, great. But this Examiner is checking out. And he's been following Transformers comics forever. Even after the whole crappy Dreamwave mess. This Examiner is of the mind that if he is going to spend $4 on a book called Transformers, he should be getting stories about Transformers. He doesn't care about the human side kicks. He has plenty of other books starring humans to read on his pull list.

Especially when they tanked the existing continuity to produce this abortion of an 'exciting new direction'. Feh bah.

Also: didn't Dreamwave also have the 'we'll have humans nuke the robots even though they're in our major cities' as a major plot point as well? Ugh.