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New: ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ trailer

Yesterday, a new trailer was released for Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction”. The trailer includes Mark Wahlberg who has taken the attention away from Shia Labeouf’s “Transformers” resume. Wahlberg is a struggling inventor Cade Yeager who repairs an old truck which is soon realized to be a transformer.

New Trailer

So what is the buzz and hoopla about exactly? Precisely thirteen seconds into the trailer there is a billboard with the words ‘REMEMBER CHICAGO’ and at the bottom left is says to report alien activity to 855-363-8392. The number is an actual number that anyone can call. Go ahead, try it out! The message tells callers to report all alien sightings to local authorities and redirects callers to the website

The marketing technique is simple yet ingenious. It evokes curiosity and participation and viewers are bound to go to the website. That is the only downfall. The website needs work obviously, but viewers can enter their email for updates and check back with the site for details.

Local fans react:

At the screening of "Robocop" at Sunset Mall at a South Miami IMAX theater, when asked about the new "Transformers” film one couple, Mike and Michelle, admitted that the franchise had been watered down since the release of "Transformers: Dark of Moon" but still enjoyable. With the release of the new film quickly approaching, suspense was among the couple and hope is being revived due to a fresh story-line and cast.

So the franchise was not so great towards the end with Shia Labeouf grabbing the reigns. His co-star was not the best actress either. The question is, now that there is a brand new cast a part of the franchise will it be worth the wait and worth the watch? There is only one way to find out!

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