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'Transformers 4' trumps 'Tammy' with ease

A repeat for Optimus Prime this weekend.
Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Usually a holiday box office is something to get excited about. However, when that holiday falls on a Friday like the Fourth of July did, not so much.

There was not really an independence day-like movie released and the holdover was the one to beat. That holdover was "Transformers 4: Age of Extinction" and it won easily again. It took in an estimated $36.4 million over the three-day weekend and $53 million over the five-day holiday period.

In second was the soft opening for "Tammy." Its three-day weekend total was $21.2 million and the five-day is at $32.9 million. Surely a disappointment for those involved, especially its star Melissa McCarthy. She is one funny person stuck with in a bad vehicle.

The disappointment is especially true when comparing it to the recent comedy surprises including "Think Like a Man Too" and "22 Jump Street." The audiences hungered for some laughs and got it from them, but not with "Tammy" it seemed. "22 Jump Street" was the strongest out of all of them as it leaped back to second last weekend.

The two other newcomers this weekend, "Earth to Echo" and "Deliver Us From Evil" fell on hard times as well. "As "Tammy" tanked, the others failed to catch fire, too. Horror films this year have not resonated and "E.T" revisited could not capitalize on the cute alien idea. Perhaps movie-goers saw right through it as a cheap imitation and poorly executed film, fresh with the irritating shaking camera.

"Deliver Us From Evil" grabbed a three-day haul of $9.5 million; five day $15 million for the five-day. "Earth to Echo" tallied a "three-day total of $8.2 million and a five-day of $13.5 million. Not good numbers considering the five-day numbers should at least be where the three-day ones are.

But, this time around for the Fourth of July, this was expected, as that holiday means outdoors, fireworks, picnics, fireworks, cook-outs, fireworks, vacations and fireworks. Did fireworks get mentioned? A weekend celebration of independence can dent events that are indoors or are not geared to those types of activities. Hollywood ignored a huge blockbuster release on that day and the stage was set for what happened.

Overall, the holiday was bad news at the box office and the year has shaken off all the good news it had earlier. Sure, expected, but not wanted and perhaps not this bad.

One film that broke down political party lines was "America" by Dinesh D'Souza's. It has taken in $4 million so far. If any film had a July 4 theme, that was it. It is in around 1,105 theaters.

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