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'Transformers 4' taking down 'Tammy'

Comedy takes a back seat.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The newcomers could not overtake "Transformers 4: The Age of Extinction" as the holiday weekend is off and running. "Transformers 4" took in $7.7 million while "Tammy" hauled in $6.2 million on Wednesday. "Transformers 4" is still be the one to beat.

A horror film, a sci-fi adventure, a comedy and a documentary, all open wide, as well. It is because of that assortment which means the Autobots will continue to play strong. Pure escapism is what is at play here and a holiday which features fireworks and partying surely helps. After its best-to-date opening weekend of $100 million, "Transformers 4" will not be near extinction. Sure, it will drop after that huge haul, but it is still a monster and will be tough to beat.

"Tammy" will go for laughs, but on its ways, it seems to try too hard to accomplish the chuckles. It stars Melissa McCarthy, who also co-wrote the film. It also stars Susan Sarandon. It got off to a comedic start on Tuesday with $1.3 million. But, going through the motions come to mind.

"Deliver Us From Evil" is based on account of an NYPD sergeant. It is a tale of demonic possession, which usually means a priest must be summoned and yes, that happens. Eric Bana, Edgar and Olivia Munn star.

If "E.T." comes to mind when trying to describe "Earth to Echo," that is fine. Throwing in cell phone signals and locating an alien, brings it to the present day. Bringing it all together into a film is the hard part.

Because of the holiday, the numbers will be all over the map once again, so they will be tracked that way. The headlines can be tricky as the weekend plays out, as usual, over long holiday weekends. With July 4th being on a Friday, that adds to the drama.

Sure, the numbers will be off Friday night as millions watch fireworks and party, so getting those Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday numbers are crucial. Plus, let's be honest, having "Transformers 4" explode the week before this holiday is not normal.

There is usually a holiday explosion July 4th. Now, the winner will most likely be a repeat, which hasn't happened in a while. The top figures for "Tammy" could be around $40 million, but that will be for a long five-day jaunt, not the usual three-day outing.

"America (2014)" goes wider and "Life Itself," the documentary about Roger Ebert, is in limited release. "Life Itself" opens July 4.

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