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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Sam and Mikaela running.
Sam and Mikaela running.
DreamWorks Pictures

Transformer 2 is a whole new different movie compared to the first one.  this one is centered around Sam, and his girlfriend.  Sam is ready for college, but some things are stopping him.  In the sequel, the characters are totally different.  It's like way to overacted.  Although the graphics and CGI are brilliant, its surprising that they spent $200 million to make this movie.  Sam's first week of college is haywire.  He finds out one of the girls he meets its a Decepticon Pretender, which isn't good.  Not to mention his girlfriend walking in on him and her.  The rest of the movie Sam and Mikaela face many distractions, along with there Decepticon sidekick, Wheelie.  Wheelie gives them some valuable information.  Overall, this movie definitely does not match it's original.  It could have been much better.