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Release your intention into the world.
Release your intention into the world.

In the expanse of time and space you will find the very thing that resides within you. Perfection.

There are no rules, no boundaries, no limits to growth. It is as vast as consciousness, energy, the Universe, and within your personal growth you will bring that learning to the Whole. In each experience you challenge yourself with, you push through the mud as a lotus blossoms, bringing a new form to that which has always been. Every moment in itself is a chance to grow. Every moment is the Universe.

Where are you this moment?

Be open to what the Universe brings you. Enfold your wings around each opportunity, each gift. This is consciousness.

Explore your inner world tonight. As your eyes close and you begin to drift into the world of dreams, take the hand of your trusted dream guide and go on an adventure. Leave yourself open for change. Free yourself from the ties that have bound you and allow yourself to heal. Open your eyes. What will you see?