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Transform yourself for animated adventures with Transformers: Armada

The animated cast
The animated cast
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Transform your before your brace yourself and relive some of the most astonishing animated small-screen battles since and Fred and Wilma. Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, is finally bringing the adventures of the classic TV series Transformers Armada in one complete eight-disc set featuring all 52 action-packed episodes between the Autobots and the Deceptions. Mark your calendars: Transformers: Armada–The Complete Series escapes March 11.
For those who spent a bit too much time with Fred and family . . .
Our heroes, the Autobots and their nemesis, the Deceptions, are at it again. This series opens to a war between the two factions of Transformers on their home planet of Cybertron over Mini-cons, a race of smaller, power-enhancing Transformers. This struggle will bring Autobots, Deceptiond and Mini-Cons to earth, where they continue to battle, even after two humans get involved. Through the course of this series, the Transformers face mysterious mercenaries, mighty Mini-ConN weapons and even time travel as they fight for control or freedom.
Got it? If not, read it again and prepare for an inner battle.