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Transform Your Passion into Performance

Even with unemployment remaining just below the ten percent mark there are employees who survived layoffs. These employees are now doing more with less.  They are finding the stress overwhelming as their hours increase while their paycheck stays the same or has decreased in some cases.  

Yesterday it was reported 162,000 jobs were created.  That is encouraging for the over 14 million still unemployed; however, it is not enough and certainly cannot come fast enough for those who were left at the office to pick up the slack.  

How can you get your passion back and turn this into higher performance.  The following are some key ideas to help you navigate this time of your career as the layoff survivor and have balance in your work-life. Here are three simple steps to transform your passion into performance:

  • 1.  Know your strengths
  • 2.  Act
  • 3.  Repeat 

Know Your Strengths

This is a basic HR interview question, "Tell me what your co-workers or former boss would say your strengths are".  It is surprising how many candidates cannot answer this question.  Which also means a high percentage of those who survived layoffs cannot articulate what they are good at doing and what they are not good at doing.  Having this knowledge is key to an interview and imperative for long term career strength.  When you are required to perform a function which you are not good at performing stress rises and you become disengaged as an employee.  

As soon as the economy improves this employee will be looking for a new opportunity.  When management must spread the work among a smaller group of employees knowing the strengths of the employee base is critical for success of the organization and morale of the employees.  As an employee knowing your strengths will allow you to organize your day so those things which are less than welcome can be completed when you are at your best.  


Action is the key to success, plain and simple.  Having an idea without action is a dream, it is fantasy. Striving to perform just one more function or task for the day will increase your performance which in turn drives appraisals which will drive continued employment along with bonus opportunities.  Holding yourself accountable, running your department as an Owner or CEO and creating your goals for tomorrow before you quit for today will create massive momentum which will ensure your success.


On the back of shampoo bottles it says, "Repeat".  Once you have a formula for success that is working repeat those actions.  Concentrating on your strengths, delegating when possible those things you do not do well, and acting on your goals for each day then repeating the process over and over again will create success beyond your imagination.  

With these key principles you will be successful at navigating your life and career to success.  If you would like more information on how to create a personalized business plan for your work-life contact me at or simply call 352.474.6297.  


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