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Transform your look with a BrowGal makeover at the Spa at PGA National

Before The Browgal, brows are sparse, uneven and messy
Before The Browgal, brows are sparse, uneven and messy
Karen Cantor, the Spa at PGA National

Now available at their new located inside The Spa at PGA National, The BrowGal offers an innovative line of eyebrow products designed by Los Angeles based celebrity eyebrow expert and makeup artist, Tonya Crooks. Visit Brow Artist, Alexis Maue and she will get you shaped up in no time with services including brow and lip waxing, brow and eyelash tinting and face waxing as well.

Before BrowGal Shape Up
Spa at PGA National

The Browgal line of products includes unique brow pencils with a color range to fit all customers. The BrowGal does not utilize stencils but provides an education to customers to allow them to use the products to shape perfect brows that fit their unique facial structure in between professional appointments. Product like pencils, highlighters and a gel mascara for lashes or brows.

A brow tip from Tonya: If you are not sure what your natural shape is because you have plucked, tweezed, waxed or even just let your brows grow beyond control for the last few years, I always recommend looking at a picture of yourself from when you were a child. This way you can see what your eyebrows looked like before you started grooming them. This will let you know if you have an arc like Madonna, an arch like Megan Fox, or a straight brow like Natalie Portman.