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Transform a tissue box into a Valentine drop-box

use a painted tissue box as a Valentine's cover for a vase of flowers
use a painted tissue box as a Valentine's cover for a vase of flowers
Gretchen Goetz

Even though it was many moons ago, I’ll always remember how much my sister and I loved going to the store to pick out just the right box of Valentine’s cards. They couldn’t be the same style, even though we were in different classes with different classmates. We’d sit at the dining table for two or three nights before Valentine’s Day, selecting the perfect card for each classmate; after all, we certainly didn’t want to give a card that says “Bee Mine” (coming out of the mouth of a very cute bee, of course) or “Kiss Me” to the wrong person.

I don’t remember the Valentine card delivery system, but I do remember everyone in the class had a decorated paper bag or shoebox with their name on it to hold the day’s collection, much the same as today. A painted tissue box provides a cheerful alternative with a built-in mail slot.

The long, flat style tissue box will work as well, but we like the squat, boxy style because it can also be used as a vase cover. In a well ventilated area, spray paint a new box of tissues (before you remove the paper tab opening) a Cupid-friendly color. We used a dusty pink. Two coats may be necessary to cover the print on the box.

Remove the paper tab opening. Using a craft knife, cut a three-sided flap on the bottom of the box (an adult should do this step). Remove the tissues and close the flap with a piece of lightly applied transparent tape.

Paint loose stripes with white craft paint on the sides of the box. When they are dry, add freeform hearts of different sizes in red and white. To make the hearts really pop, outline them with black paint.

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