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Transform a picture frame with metallic paint

Do you have a nice picture frame that has some writing on it that you do not like? Rather than just getting rid of it, consider transforming it by painting over it with metallic paint. Metallic paints are festive, so a bronze shade of paint was used to cover up the writing on the frame.

Use newspaper to protect the table while painting.
Use newspaper to protect the table while painting.
Photograph by Julia Hanna.
Transform a picture frame with a bit of bronze metallic paint.
Photograph by Julia Hanna

The materials needed for this project consist of: a picture frame, metallic paint, newspaper for protecting the surface from paint, paint brushes, a jar of water for rinsing the brushes, and a paint palette. A plate can be used in place of a paint palette, if desired. The following steps were used to create the metallic picture frame.

Step 1:

Place newspaper on the table to protect the surface while painting.

Step 2:

Put some paint on the palette and then add the first layer of paint to the picture frame. It might be advisable to wait an hour or two in between adding layers of metallic paint.

Step 3:

Allow the paint to dry according to the specifications on the bottle. The bronze metallic Plaid brand of paint used for this project suggested allowing the paint to dry for about forty-eight hours, so the frame sat on the patio on top of newspapers for two days.

Step 4:

Once the paint has finished drying a picture can be added to the frame. The frame painted here now showcases a photograph of Irina the cat, which was used as inspiration for the illustration of this feline.

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