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Transform a fight into LUV Talk: Listen, understand and validate

Instructors Thelissa & Nakia Edwards graduate workshop participants, Kevin Jenkins & Malia Messina.
Instructors Thelissa & Nakia Edwards graduate workshop participants, Kevin Jenkins & Malia Messina.
Malia Messina

In a city packed with endless opportunities to shop, sport, meet, greet, wine and dine, Houston couples have it made. The question is what can an average twosome do on a budget during lean economic times? With the holidays behind us and credit card bills nagging, surely there are entertaining and affordable choices that can also bring us closer together.

My recommendation is to pick a fight. It’s stimulating and you’ll watch the minutes, even hours simply fly by. Try bringing up a troublesome issue around 11:45 at night when you and your honey are settling into bed. Tired of gathering wet towels off of the floor? Accuse your mate of being lazy and inconsiderate and get ready to rumble.

Fighting, much like sex engages all five senses. Observe the smoldering resentment in his eyes and listen to his sarcastic retort sting your delicate ears. Taste his sweaty cheek as your tongue lashes him with multiple complaints and detect the acrid scent of your patience burning into ashes as your comments are repeatedly denied. Feel your muscles tense as he insists that the conversation is closed without an acceptable resolution.

Chances are this exercise proved unfulfilling
. So if you and your partner are unwed, committed and in love consider an alternative suggestion. Log on to Twogether in Texas to sign up for a free premarital workshop scheduled in Harris and surrounding counties. You’ll join a diverse group of other couples gaining the tools to build a healthier relationship.

Find out how to have LUV Talk sessions and learn why validation could be your key to happiness. Discover your hot buttons, deal effectively with anger and practice implementing time outs. Along with complimentary meals during class, you’ll earn a $60 discount on a Texas marriage license. Bring your heart and sense of humor. You may just walk away with a renewed sense of hope for you and the love of your life.


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