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Transferring Video Tapes to DVD Easily and Cost-Effectively

It’s a common phenomenon in almost every household; boxes, stacks or shelves of old video tapes that people can’t bring themselves to throw out. They could be videos of the beautiful times you have spent with your family or the episodes of your beloved TV shows that you recorded. There are lots of problems that people face when they keep these old video tapes at home. They are very bulky and take almost as much space as a book. Apart from that, these tapes aren’t very strong and tend to break and deteriorate over time. Most importantly, these video tapes and their players are becoming obsolete as new technology replaces them.

Therefore, people make the decision of transferring their video tapes to DVD, which are easier to store, long lasting and the latest technology. Today, people have the option of converting their memories from any format into DVDs. Whether they are film reels, video tapes, memory cards and smartphones or slides, everything is convertible into DVDs. While people can undertake this task at home, it would require them to buy a lot of investment for purchasing the equipment that’s needed. Instead, they can choose to use the services of OnlyDigital.

This website enables people to convert all their video memories into DVDs, which are easier to store and carry around. The beauty of using this website is that they allow their customers to personalize their DVDs as per their wish and preference. The service creates perfect and memorable chapters for their customers by including natural and custom scene breaks and detecting key scenes automatically by analyzing the chapters. They have various different themes available so individuals have the option of selecting one depending on the type of videos they are converting. For instance, birthday wishes, baby, winter and weddings are some of the themes that can be used.

The theme doesn’t just appear on the menu screen of the DVD, but is also printed on the DVD case. Apart from themes, people also have plenty of options in terms of music. There are 25 soundtracks offered, which can be used as background music in the video. Another great feature that can be used is that of highlighting video. 3 one-minute videos are created from the perfect scenes of the video. OnlyDigital enables their customers to have a private online account, which can allow them to view their home movies from anywhere.

People cannot just view them on a computer, but also use their smartphone or tablet for this purpose. No charges have to be paid for this online account. People can also share their videos via email or Facebook as this facility is also provided. They provide quick and prompt services to their customers and the DVDs will be delivered anywhere in the US within 90 days. The best part about this service is that it’s completely affordable so people don’t have to worry about burning a hole in their pocket when they wish to convert their videos into DVDs.

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