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Transcripts: the home-school advantage

Did you know? Home-schoolers have the advantage when it comes to transcripts! Your home-school high school transcript won’t look like all those other ones in the pile - it will stand out. You can show so much on your transcript that colleges are seeking in a student.

Academic rigor

Your high school transcript can reflect the rigorous academics you provided your child. Many home-schoolers even end up with way beyond the expected 24 credits for their four years of high school!

I know that there are home-schoolers out there that feel like a failure. There are some of us that just feel like we are doing a terrible job. But have you ever considered what failure really means?

What is your graduation rate at your high school? They think about failure in terms of incarceration. How many of us think of incarceration? I really don’t think that our definition of failure is quite like the world's definition of failure. Maybe we can’t provide a college level great books program, but we are just a high school after all.

We are providing rigorous academics while meeting our children where they’re at, because what is really important is that we are teaching them at their level. If that means you’re covering pre-algebra in math for a few years in a row, then they’re learning more from doing that than if you push them beyond what they are able.

Show off their passions

A home-school transcript will be a way for you to display your own child’s gifts and their passions. Every child has their own thing and you can show the individuality of your own child on your homemade transcript.

The home-school advantage is also the freedom to document all the outside classes your child takes to satisfy their passions. That is one reason why home-schoolers have long transcripts, because they can take all of their classes and put it on a transcript. Your child has the time to pursue all these interests, too.

Regardless of where they work on those academics, they can be added to the transcript. So if they go to Bellevue Community College, then they do a court class, and they have music at the public school, you'll be able to pull all that together in one transcript. Nothing will be lost.

Not a cookie-cutter student

Your homemade transcript becomes a much more comprehensive and real picture of who your child really is, instead of a one dimensional piece of paper that they might get from a public or private school. You're also going to be able to show the values and priorities of your own family on your transcript as well. It's going to truly represent your homeschool. It's not just one piece of it, but the whole of it. That's a huge advantage because it'll demonstrate not only who your child is but where they came from and what their roots are.

So let your child shine! If you haven’t already, get started on your home-school high school transcript.

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