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Transcendence Movie: Reality of A Life Beyond Death

When death comes knocking, will you be willing and ready to answer the door to the potential end of your life? Or, will you talk to death through the door and windows trying to prolong your inevitable end? These are the questions that I asked when watching TRANSCENDENCE pre-screening this week in Chicago. As the movie began to unfold, I started wondering about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and if I would ever want to partake in something like that. To see Johnny Depp’s character live for a potential world where life goes on and on and people have the desire to “play God,” was a bit disturbing for me. However, I understood his wife’s (played by actress Rebecca Hall) position in wanting more time with her spouse after he was diagnosed with a terminal end, and his health began deteriorating rapidly.

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There were some scary parts in the movie and I kept wondering, would I want my husband to live like that and how could we have a "real" future together if he was "robotic". Overall, there was great acting in the movie, great action shots, suspense and an overall sense and appreciation for how well technology/science has and will continue to advance. I loved the movie and recommend seeing it if you like science fiction, technology and “big brother is watching you” type of movies.

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