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Trance Channeling Event: An Evening with Maitland

Trance Channeling Event: An Evening with Maitland

Psychic mediums Cindy Musil and Kent Lehman, as well as channeled spirit, Maitland will be hosting this public gallery-style trance channeling session. Cindy will provide an overview of the couple’s work with Maitland and then Kent will channel Maitland for the group. With moderation provided by Cindy, audience participants will be allowed to ask questions of Maitland. Attendees are encouraged to ask any questions they have of Maitland, including questions related to her favorite topics: where we come from, animals, and emergency preparedness. Note: Cindy will facilitate Maitland responding to as many questions as possible. However, the couple cannot guarantee that all participants will have an opportunity to ask Maitland a question.

Trance Channeling Event: An Evening with Maitland
Saturday March 1st, 6:00 pm
2103 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood CO 80227
Admission is $15.00 per person
Click HERE to RSVP now to this event.

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What IS trance channeling?
“Channeling” is a generic term used to describe the process of communicating with Spirit. “Trance Channeling” takes that communication to the next level. Trance channeling is the practice of allowing spirit to use your physical body to speak directly to a third party or audience. The channel is not consciously aware of or controlling the words and actions of the spirit during the trance channeling session. Spirit will use the channel’s voice and body to communicate. The channel’s voice and body may take on characteristics of the spirit including voice intonation, dialect, mannerisms, vernacular, and sometimes even muscle tone and physical attributes (e.g., facial tic).

How did Kent start working with Maitland?
Maitland began appearing in Kent’s meditations shortly after he started taking psychic development classes. It was playful experiences at first but after a session with a medium who also worked with Maitland she confirmed that Maitland wanted to work with Kent specifically through trance channeling. Maitland claimed that she wanted to work with Kent because he loves animals, wanted to help people, and their energy was compatible, even though the two of them are physically very different!

Who is Maitland?
Maitland is a spirit whose last incarnation on the earth ended when she was only 6 years old. Instead of reincarnating in another lifetime, she decided she would rather stay “Home” as she calls the other side and help people by becoming a spirit guide. She learned how to be a guide and works with people to help them increase their joy and experience of life. One of her favorite vehicles for doing so is through trance channels so that she can deliver her messages unfiltered, including her own gestures. She purposefully chooses to show herself as a 6 to 9 year old girl—sometimes saying she is the age she was when her life ended in her last incarnation and other times advancing her age by a few years. She chooses the 6 to 9 year old age as that is a comfortable time period for her and she likes the response she gets when she shares profound insights through the perspective of a child.

Why would a child have anything worthwhile for me to know?
Although Maitland presents herself as a child, she was trained by Saint Michael. She has access to high level information including Angelic guidance and the Akashic records. She can also use her network of other spirit entities to answer questions on topics she isn’t as interested in, thus isn’t as knowledgeable.

What types of questions can Maitland answer?
Any type of question is acceptable, but Maitland especially enjoys answering questions about where we come from, animals, and emergency preparedness.

How does Kent allow Maitland into his body?

For Kent, the mechanics of trance channeling includes five steps:

  1. Wearing white clothes and ingesting nutrition that supports making his body as energetically light as possible (e.g., alcohol, sugar, and meat are heavy; raw vegetables are light).
  2. Working with his wife Cindy who oversees the spirit incorporation process and also acts as a facilitator for Maitland.
  3. Grounding (aka balancing or centering) to ensure all four of his “bodies”— mind, physical, emotional, and soul are on the same page and supporting each other. When you are grounded, all four bodies are working together toward the same outcome.
  4. Meditating to focus his mind, setting up protection for his body, defining the intention for his session with Maitland (including ground rules, boundaries, and a gatekeeper), giving the session direction regarding the specific goal or outcome for the session, connecting with Maitland, and allowing her to fully incorporate into his body.
  5. Closing down the session with appropriate gratitude and disconnection from Maitland.

This will be an exciting and insightful evening with Maitland. Make plans to join Cindy and Kent as they deliver the profound and often humorous messages from the other side.

Click HERE to RSVP now to this event, seats are limited.

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