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Trampoline Fitness, Dunk the Ball

There was story was posted online in the past week about a five foot five inch basketball player who wanted to dunk the ball in the hoop. The article talked about all the hours he spent in the gym power lifting along with extreme weight lifting techniques to get height in his jump, and it worked. Another incident that hit a lot closer to home in the Salt Lake City area, was boy in Junior High in our neighborhood growing up, who had a trampoline in his backyard. That boy was always playing on that trampoline.

The boy learned to do a number of tricks on his trampoline which required great height. Later that boy took up martial arts and learned to employee air kicks on his trampoline. He happened to be in a sibling’s gym class in Junior High and was of average size. The story was told that this boy, who had become a good basketball player in gym, had spent so much time on his home trampoline, that it wasn’t any problem for him to dunk the ball. In fact the boy could not only dunk the ball, but from a few steps could do a flying side kick to the backboard and dunk the ball on the way back to the floor. This local youth had developed those explosive muscles from the trampoline jumping to be able to jump high.

Trampolining has become very popular again in the Salt Lake area of Utah. There are now a number of Trampoline parks in the valley as well as outside the valley. These Trampoline parks have different hours for different activity from youth to family parties.

Some of these Salt Lake locations are:

Sky Trampoline Arena

Airborne Trampoline Arena

The Wairhouse Trampoline Park