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Traits to Acquire as a Civil Engineer

 Civil Engineers building foundation of a nation
Civil Engineers building foundation of a nation

Civil Engineers are the ones responsible for construction and design, in a layman's language. Civil Engineers not only need to posses a degree but also some qualities to enhance their careers.

The qualities or the traits mentioned below can only be achieved by perseverance, strong will and a flair to be ahead from the rest.

Lets discuss some of the qualities you must posses as a civil engineer in order to witness a multifaceted growth in your profession.


Civil Engineers are the strongest pillars of an economy. They not just build the physical world around us but also help in maintaining a sustainable balance between the environment and infrastructure. Apart from the knowledge imparted during their college education. Civil engineers must posses a varied skill set to be more competent and updated.

In order to narrate the Qualities of a Civil Engineer. I have assigned an adjective to each of the letter in the word CIVIL. Apart from all the bookish and practical knowledge you might have acquired, which is only applicable in your professional life as a civil engineer; you need to develop or to say practice certain attributes like curiosity, innovation, versatility and posses features like:being impeccable and a leader.

With these traits you will not only succeed in your professional life but will also evolve as a better human being. Lets take a look on how these traits will uplift your civil engineering career along with their meaning and significance.

Qualities of a Civil Engineer

C - Curious

Curiosity is the basic instinct of man's nature. Curiosity is an important trait required in civil engineers as it initiates a constant process of learning and overpass various aspects of civil engineering.

  • Curiosity propagates an urge in you to know end-result, as a consequence end-results are timely obtained.
  • It allows problems to surface, which in turn will lead to better problem solving skills and an enhanced analytical ability.
  • It will culminate into acquiring higher knowledge, and better understanding of concepts.

It’s a must-have trait for a civil engineer as it will inspire you to know more and be ahead of the rest.

I - Innovative

Engineers are the ones who constantly innovate technology or products, rather engineering is synonymous to innovation.

  • Civil Engineers too need innovation as a tool all their lives, as innovation is the key to competition.
  • Will enable you to design or come up with cost-effective, easy and practical solutions for completing a task or to over-come problems.
  • Help you prove your mettle as a civil engineer.

Innovation is also amongst the must-have traits of a civil engineer as it will help you to exercise your brain to its optimum with a motive to discover, develop, or innovate.

V - Versatility

Versatility means, possessing a wide array of skills. Not only specific to your trade but with the knowledge of assorted set of skills like

  • Project planning and management
  • Materials Management
  • Time keeping
  • Cost and Estimation Analysis
  • Materials Testing
  • Human Resource Management

Sales and Marketing as a skill on your Resume adds some value to your candidature.

An outline or working knowledge of the above mentioned skills is enough, which might just come in handy when needed.

Versatility enables a higher feeling of self-confidence and a sense of leadership by allowing you to take charge when the need be.

I - Impeccable

Impeccable is a synonym for Perfect.

  • As a civil engineer you are perfect with the know-how of your trade, which would make you more efficient and reliable.
  • To carry out every task on a project as scheduled or planned, without errors.
  • Will allow timely delivery as it omits delays by leaving no room for errors.
  • Analyzing tasks or problems is a part of the job and during such conditions requiring analytical methods for analysis and solution, should come naturally and not by drawing intuitive conclusions or solutions.

As an engineer in this stream you should be impeccable with the know-how, to avoid delays in a specific task, as a delay of even a single day means monetary losses and further delays.

L - Leadership

A civil engineer has to take a lead sometime or the other. Be it leading fresh out of college engineering graduates or the unskilled laborers involved in construction.

Leadership is a trait which might be or might not be inherited; however a sense of leadership can be developed over time. It will also help you hone you administration skills and evolve as a great manager.

Leadership, as a skill is a must for civil engineers as they need to take lead, be responsible and accounted for various aspects related to their job. So all these traits, which have already been a part of Civil Engineering but were remained oblivious, been brought to your notice in this lens. Make yourself adapt to the above mentioned traits so they help you advance and upgrade your life as a human being but also as a civil engineer.

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