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Traits of Pisces-Born People

People born under the Pisces Sun sign are emotional and generous individuals with a gentle soul. They are popular in their social circles because they are real friends on whom you can always rely. Pisces individuals cherish and value human relationships, putting their dear ones above everything else. But just like anything else in this universe, these folks have a darker side as well. Here are a few of their positive and negative traits.

Referring to the positive ones, Pisces-born persons are:

Kind: People born under this sign are incredibly kind and they always treat others exactly the way they would like to be treated themselves.

Imaginative: Pisces individuals have rich imagination and a creative mind, being able to think though abstract patterns and then come up with truly innovative ideas. They can reach amazing heights in life thanks to their imagination.

Compassionate: If you even find yourself in a difficult situation, your Pisces friend will most likely be there for you, doing his or her best to help you. As mentioned above, they are compassionate and they always empathize with others.

Sensitive: Pisces are gentle, attentive, and caring. They seem to have some sort of sixth sign because they always feel if something is wrong. When things aren’t okay, they are strongly affected and they experience extreme feelings related to the issue.

Intuitive: These people are highly intuitive. They base their decisions on intuition rather than on facts and logical reasoning.

Now let’s take a look at a few negative traits of those born under this Sun sign.

Idealistic: Pisces have their own vision about how things should be. Also, they are idealistic, so even the best of anything is not good enough sometimes.

Weak-willed: These individuals can be hurt and demoralized incredibly easily. There are times when they are completely blind to their own blessings and talents, their low self-confidence thus becoming a major obstacle.

Escapist: Most Pisces-born people are escapists. If things go wrong, they will immediately put the blame on an exterior circumstance or event: the weather, their bad luck, their neighbors, etc. just avoid any consequences.

Over-sensitive: These folks are highly sensitive. They make an elephant out of a mosquito – metaphorically speaking. Furthermore, they often take things to heart even when the situation isn’t so serious.

These are just a few traits of Pisces-born individuals, a list which is far from being exhaustive. Next time you meet a Pisces, you may have a big chance to guess their sign by thinking about these characteristics.

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