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Training With A Heart Rate Monitor

FS1 Polar Heart Rate Monitor
FS1 Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Last time we discussed Spinning Classes and what you can expect from taking the aforementioned class. As promised in our last article we are going to explore the benefits of training with a heart rate monitor. Before you rush out the door to purchase the most expensive monitor known to humankind…please read further.
My recommendation since you are beginning spinning classes for fitness purposes would be to buy a low end model since the goal is to gauge your heart rate to determine how hard you are training. One model that fits this category without denting your budget is the FS1 Polar which can be found for less than $50.00…that includes free shipping. No association with this manufacturer, but can attest to how great their products are made and simplicity of use. For most people (including me) this is paramount so you will actually use the device!
Now that you have your new monitor including chest strap that is adjusted for comfort and fit (by you) we can begin to understand how best to utilize this device. First step is to determine your maximum heart rate. We can do that by working as hard as you can on the bike until just before you collapse onto the floor or we can take a formula which is subtract your age from 220. Stated this would be 220 – Age = MHR. Please keep in mind this is merely a guideline and not the most accurate means to determine your actual MHR, but for purposes of determining a baseline so we can begin training more effectively, this works well.
There are five zones most spinning instructors will acquaint you with as you begin your fitness journey. They are: 1) warm-up zone 50% of MHR, 2) endurance zone 65% of MHR, 3) strength zone 75% of MHR, 4) interval zone 85% of MHR, 5) race zone 90% of MHR. Please do the math and know your zone numbers as well as your telephone number. Yes, you have homework!
Training in this method is more scientific and the more science that is applied to your workouts the better results will be experienced by you. Next time we will discuss the benefits of weight training…until then happy training!