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Training tips one week before Baltimore Running Festival



 All of the training that you have been doing is finally going to pay off when the Baltimore Running Festival begins this Saturday. The week leading up to the marathon is crucial for success on race day.  

Decrease mileage. You have already put in the miles during your months of training. This is the week to take it easy. Decrease weekly mileage by one-third. Maintain your usual pace. Don’t be tempted to squeeze in some last minute speed workouts. Race day is too close to gain any benefits from last minute speed workouts. 

Carbohydrates. Carbohydrates have been an important element to your training. This continues to be true the week before race day. Continue to eat complex carbohydrates like wholemeal breads, cereals, potatoes. 

Rest. Take a few days off from running and cross training. Give your body the rest it needs to tackle the challenge of the marathon. Some runners like to take the day prior to running the marathon off. Others prefer to run a few miles the day before. If you choose to run the day before keep it short and maintain your pace. Get extra sleep. Ensuring that your body is well rested will ensure success on race day. 

Gear. If you are nervous about race day start getting your gear together now. Figuring out what you are going to wear for your race will decrease anxiety the morning of the race. Make sure your supply of gels or energy beans is enough so you aren’t running around at the last minute trying to find your favorite flavor of gel. It is not too early to start planning.



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