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Training the soul on August 5th 2014

Video goes with the slides.
Video goes with the slides.
Alfred DaCosta

Anything cut off from the source lacking oxygen and fluid or energy will die. A few examples that come to mind would be human limbs, overheating machinery and tomato gardens.

Listen to the video podcast with the slide show in this article. Today we talk about the importance of maintaining a relationship with Christ as important as a vine is to it's branches.

Sure we need air, food and sleep. Some of us could get along without some of these things just fine for a little while. The matters of the Spirit is taken for granted and categorized in the Yoga, Chi centers of the universe. We mistaken the feelings we have as concrete and fact.

Stop messing around with this area in your life. Be intentional. Pursue God everyday, no more excuses about the church made me do it. Or who knows who made the universe. Find out for yourself.

I challenge you to reach out to him during your 15 minute break. Kneel during lunch. Get the verse of the day app, start somewhere.

Christ uses the example of the vine and the branch to show how important it is to stay connected. If you stay connected you will grow. In fact you will even bear fruit. Fruit of the spirit. Muscles get firmer and stronger when you exercise them. The way you know your soul is fit is by the words that come out of your mouth. The thoughts you have about those around you. The less about self you become. To name a few, the fruits of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, tenderness and self control, there is no law against these things.

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