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Training programs for 5K, 1/2 marathon and full marathon


It is the season for charity events, races and fitness feats!  If you haven't already, you will probably sign up for some type of walk or run in the near future.  One of the few things stopping you might be the fact that you don't know how to train for a 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon or full marathon.  Hal Higdon, the longest writer at Runner's World, author of over 35 books, running consultant and more, has an easy to understand website that provides you with training programs tailored to events distance and experience level. 

Hal Higdon's Running Training Programs 

Here is a list of the events in the next few months, right here in the Nashville area: - 3/15-7/31 Nashville Events

 Editorial: I've used Hal's schedules a few times and have had great success with them.


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