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Training Program in Winnebago County

Chicago, Rockford International Airport
Chicago, Rockford International Airport
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

There is Vocational Training program available in Winnebago County that was announced by Chairman Christianson. Winnebago County had gotten out of the business of vocational education. They formally had a program for manufacturing in the region. Rockford was the leader in manufacturing and highly skilled education and training.

We are currently in the running as a leader of global manufacturing. More companies will return to Rockford with our growing aerospace cluster. More of the companies that left the country will return.

We also have Aviation Maintenance Program that is being offered through Rock Valley College. The President of Rock Valley College is hoping to train more than 150 mechanics annually.

Rock Valley also in the Freedom Field of Renewable Energy is a catalyst for education and economic development. You can get a degree in Sustainable Energy Systems.

The County supports Rockford's Tech works. The program started in 2009, the County also is supervised by 40- members who are advisory to the group. TechWorks is a fast track program,, and they meet at the EIGERLAB. They are an advisory to the manufacturing group in Rockford, IL.

Previous Funding Programs for Vocational Training & Education over the pass 10 years

  • Alignment Rockford
  • EDGE Job Training (Goodwill Abilities Center)
  • MAARV - Manufacturing Alliance of the Rock River Valley
  • Minority & Women Construction Training
  • Rock Valley College Aviation Maintenance Program
  • Rock Valley College GEM Program (Golden Eagles Manufacturing)
  • Rockford Public Schools Foundation
  • Rockford University
  • TechWorks
  • Youth Build

Rockford International Airport is less than 90 miles north of OHare in Chicago.

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