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Training Instead of Working Out

This is going to deviate from the things that I had been mostly writing about. Whereas previously I had been sticking purely to MMA news, I'm going to delve into the fitness side of my duty here. What I want to discuss today is the value of training as opposed to working out.

When in the gym (I'm a trainer at Boston Sports Club on Newbury St) I see people a lot who just come in and do the same old stuff they always do, but there's a huge issue with that--it doesn't get you anywhere. That method of exercise will have you treading water and going nowhere. That's where training comes in.

Training means picking an event, any event whether it be a road race or hell, an MMA fight, and do it. This gives you a concrete objective to work towards as opposed to ambiguous ones. Having that objective to work toward will help give you the motivation you need to do what you need to.

Motivation is the key factor in maintaining any regimen. You need to find a way to keep your motivation levels high. What you have to do first though is find an event to do.

Races are easy to come by and there are plenty of beginner-friendly ones. Issue with them though is that they're largely only held during warmer months. Still, though, these are probably easiest to find.

An MMA fight would of course be a great thing to train for but it's not really something you just do. Guys who do get hurt. Bad. Still though if you've been training, it may not be bad to think about. See my previous two articles about what goes into MMA fighting for more.

Moral of the story is that there are many and diverse events to choose from. Pick something that you'd love to do and do it.

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