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Train the soul on August 1st 2014

Has anyone ever come to you and said, “I’m sorry.” and when you asked them, “what for?” they did not know why? Like hurt your little brother and your mom ketches you and makes you apologize even though you do not see why you should. It does not make sense. You will not feel bad for something you did not know was bad. Whether you meant to hurt your little brother or not, you are still responsible for your actions. Christ not only points out what is bad, but also gives us the solution to the problem, Himself.

“It says we can no more repent without the spirit of Christ to awaken the conscience, than we can be pardoned without Christ.”

God likes to use symbols because examples make us understand better. The only way to save us is if someone who never messed up takes the wrap. Jesus. This action is a phenomenon never before seen or done.

“Let us focus on the lamb of God upon the cross Of Calvary,
 The mystery of redemption.”

When things finally sink in, the fact that you have been bought with a price, will blow your mind. You start to see the big picture. The things you say and do, make a big difference. You begin to see the importance of making things right with the ultimate love of your life.

“A new revelation of the goodness of God which lead us to repentance
 In death he proved a love that is incomprehensible
With such love the sinners heart Impresses the mind and inspires contrition in the soul.
Which sinner at this stage would not appreciate the love of God and the cost of Calvary.
 1 John 1:9 he is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin.”

Many try to drown their sense of guilt with alcohol, drugs, widely pleasures etc.
 Why don't these methods work?
We must bare in mind Christ's righteousness is free but not cheap. Although we do not have to pay for it, the Lord had to pay infinite price for it on the cross.

How fallen we are how serious sin must be for it to take something so extreme as the death if God only son to save us from the consequences of sin.

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