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Train the mind, remove unconscious goals that hold you back

Which one describes you most?-slide0
Alfred DaCosta

What makes you get up every morning and put on your tunic? Is it the 6 figure job? Is it the professor's impeccable expository prowess? Is it the little knuckle headed kid you post pictures of on Facebook all the time?

Sound like you?
Alfred DaCosta

Goals are always good, from scaling Everest to the cleat clad "futbol" player that scores a "gol." How on earth can a goal hold you back? You would be surprised. When our goals are not of the big picture there comes intermediary cul-de-sac aspirations that leave you at a dead end with a flat tire and no fuel.

Check out the Slideshow and identify which of these best describes you. I struggle with number one sometimes, and while it is hard to admit it, saying it out loud springs forth action to change.