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Train the mind, engage the hesitant one

Are you a Hesitant Hanna?-slide0
Alfred DaCosta

Are you a hesitant Hanna? Are you a Shy Shelton? Are you a Quiet Quincy? OK please stop that. There are common dynamics across all groups when people come together. The very people that display these behaviors know who they are. Today we put the shy guy on the spot. We know who you are. Sometimes they don't like to be categorized, which sends them further into their quietude. They are truly organic deep thinkers. They would rather speak at the right time or not speak at all. The key is the approach. Take a look at the slide show that comes with the article to see how to make "hesitant Hanna" into "engaged Estelle". The concept is taken from the Winning Trainer by Julius E. Eitington.

Taken from the Winning Trainer by Julius E. Eitington
Alfred DaCosta