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Train station spirits

Giuseppe's 2010
Giuseppe's 2010
J. Bauer

Giuseppe's has been an institution in the inception of Colorado Springs since 1887 into the world of events. Some of the more contemporary Springsian notables have experienced the station's more recent life as a fine dining establishment and bar. Its colorful gingerbread styling and long nightingale porch walk have invited travelers and local folks for over a century.

Every day the cargo trains go by outside it's windows mostly carrying coal but sometimes it's tanks or even the Barnum and Bailey circus train's Red and Blue teams. Counting the cars is till a tradition as well.

What isn't quite normal is a shadow of a man, just past the frame peering in or seeming to stand just outside the far right corner of the building. Not seen from outside unless you are on the far side of the tracks. And so far, never clearly. Sometimes a cry is heard to attract your attention to the fleeting glimpse.

A thinner, younger man in a summer suit and bowler hat. Possibly from around the 10s or 20's. He seems to be wearing spectacles which shine out from the shade of the overpass of Bijou Street. Some locals have called him George but no one knows who he could be.

There have been a few deaths on the tracks. Mostly the drunken missteps of vagabonds trying the wrong route of skipping across the tracks at night instead of taking the main road, to get from downtown to the America the Beautiful Park area. 

Giuseppe's Depot, also known at one time as the Denver & Rio Grande Depot, is no longer used as a passenger station, though one of it's old engines sits outside to be explored by the curious. Almost destroyed by fire in November of 1999, almost a million dollars of repair and restoration reasserted the building's importance in our local history. They don't seem to mind the phantom patron as long as he doesn't scare off business. Most never guess he even exists he is so unobtrusive a ghost.

The folks who have seen him mostly hope some day he can find peace whether he died there by accident, at the purpose of some nefarious plan of an other, or whether he is just waiting for someone who was supposed to come on the train and never arrived. 

Either supposition is possible and reminds those near that the trains can be dangerous and don't stop on a dime. He is a warning sign from the past to be alert and step quick and lightly if one must cross the track. 


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