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Train rescue: Touching video shows people working together to save trapped man

It is a time when war wages across the globe. We are presented with news reports that show little regard for human life, whether it is civilians caught in rocket fire, or the quest to give the dead a proper burial. Maybe that is why this video from Perth, Australia resonates with so many. The video shows commuters boarding a train when a passenger’s leg slips in the Stirling train’s stations, platform’s boarding space. The man is trapped and unable to free himself. Australia’s news outlet ABC first reported the situation. What happened next has caused the video to go viral, worldwide.

Passengers work together to save man trapped in train platform screen shot from video report

David Hynes, a spokesperson for the Stirling train station, described the situation to ABC. He stated that the man boarded the train at approximately 8:50 am when he slipped. Staff quickly notified the driver to ensure the train wouldn’t move and cause the man serious injury.

Hynes stated, “"Then our staff who were there at the time got the passengers, and there were lots of them, off the train, and organized them to sort of rock, tilt the train backwards away from the platform so they were able to get him out and rescue him."

It is this part of the surveillance video that is incredibly touching to many. Far too often, we hear reports of the hardness of people’s hearts and the unwillingness many have to help a fellow citizen in need. The train rescue video shows all passengers leaving the train, standing on the platform, and working together to save the man.

His leg was freed and ABC states that after being checked out by paramedics, the man went about his way. He did not suffer serious injuries and was not transported to a hospital.

You may watch the video footage from Perth, Australia in the video player above. What do you think about this story? Do you think Americans would be as inclined to offer help and aid as Australians were? If this happened in New York or U.S. metropolitan areas, would the outcome be the same?

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