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Train like a warrior today!

Scott Training System in Calgary
Scott Training System in Calgary
Jim Scott

To wrap up the feature on Calgary area personal trainer Jim Scott and the Scott Training System, this final article will not dwell on forms of exercise, diet, or training devices. Instead, readers, we will focus on mindset and its importance in training and in life.

Life has become too easy for many North Americans. Television, fast food, smart phones, even the automobile have all contributed to what some people have perceived as the tumbling downward spiral of the human race. Never mind all of our great technological advancements up until now. The newest smartphone will not save you from diabetes or heart disease.

There has been enough harm brought to the human race by the food industry, in the form of what is offered to us to eat at the store, the mall, and at restaurants, to cause a lot of damage to our health and threaten the survival of the human race as we know it. This type of advancement in the food industry is far too dangerous to ignore.

Health issues like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are much more prevalent than ever before. In order to change our health we have to proactively do something about it. And action starts first with thought. With a proper mindset, we can take back our health and vitality.

Are you in a relationship, perhaps married, or have children? This is a perfect reason to be in or get into shape. Before the emergence of the corner store, families had to fight against the elements of nature, protect themselves from wild animals, and sometimes even fight against other people to keep them and their young alive. Much of this survival instinct has dissapeared from the majority of culture in North America.

Smoking, alcoholism, diabetes, and heart disease all shorten ones lifespan. Many of these diseases can be fought against with a change in mindset. Being overweight and out of shape is more of a choice than most people are willing to admit. Really though, they are hurting their loved ones around them by providing themselves with a gauranteed shorter lifespan, and a rough road of visits to the doctor and health issues as their health deteriorates because of how and what they choose to eat.

Training like a warrior in Jim Scott's system means giving 100% all the time. You are only fooling yourself if you aren't putting maximum effort into your workouts. The best way to get bigger, faster, stronger, or fitter is to give it your all, each and every workout, each and every rep.

Could you protect your home and family, even yourself from an attack from an outsider? Some people today might not even make it off the couch in time to put up a fight. Or how about running for your life from a natural disaster, war, or even, heaven forbid... zombies?? A little far fetched maybe, but could you really save yourself? How much more would an individual who did hill sprints twice a week as part of a regular exercise routine be able to run from danger than a person who spent the same amunt of time watching reality television? When you begin to trrain like a warrior, these are questions you have to answer for yourself.

Thank-you to Jim Scott of Scott Training System for spending the time with to discuss his outlook on health, fitness, and life in general.

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