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Train like a boxer

Steve Molitor and Takalani Ndlovu
Steve Molitor and Takalani Ndlovu
AP Photo/Canadian Press Chris Young

One great challenging workout for weight loss and overall fitness is boxing. We've heard of Tae Bo, Kickboxing classes or aerobics classes with some boxing moves. Technoboxe is a Boxing club and gym in Longueuil managed by former Canadian Boxing Champion Alain Boismenu. The place is inspiring. When you first enter the room, it reminds us of a Boxing Movie: Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, Cinderella Man. Remember how great Aussie actor Russell Crowe looked for that role? He did train intensively and followed a strict regimen. Since we're not actors, let's take it one punch at a time!

Members are training individually during the day, punching bags hang from the ceiling and some will practice on the ring for competition. Men and women from any size and fitness level enroll, and the dress code is comfortable sports apparel. Sexy tops or any revealing attire are not allowed, as this gym focuses on training and motivation. You can choose the Technoboxe classes, or you can train by yourself. The Technoboxe class is a complete workout with a combinaison of cardio, upper body, lower body and abs.Trainers are professionals. They will show you the moves and make you work hard. 

You must join for a complete 8 week session for the Technoboxe classes, which costs $142.25. Boxing equipment is required: jump rope, hand wraps and gloves (Add between $10 and $50 for each piece. You may bring your own). Recently, their website has been updated with videos and online classes to download. The classes are well described.

This type of training has a high level of intensity. Remember, it is important, especially for beginners, to consult a physician before attending any new fitness program. Think of having fun while keeping fit.


  • Joanna, Montreal Nutrition Examiner 5 years ago

    Great information. How wonderful that they offer "online" instruction with 3D movement demonstration.

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