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Train driver kicks teen: Selfie-taking teen kicked in the head by train driver

A train driver kicked a teen who was taking a selfie and the whole incident was caught on tape. On April 18, NewsOXY reported that a teen was trying to take a picture of himself in front of the train as it approached. The conductor began blowing the horn and then stuck his foot out the door, clocking the kid right in the head!

The teen posted the video of himself getting kicked in the head on YouTube (see it above). He says that he thought he was a "safe distance" away from the tracks when he was attempting to take a selfie, but evidently the conductor felt differently.

The train driver that kicked the teen has not been arrested or even located by police according to the media. At this point in time, it's unclear where this incident happened or if the teen is planning on going to the authorities with the video. This whole thing became popular online once the teen uploaded the video to YouTube. He didn't say anything about it but, rather, he let the video speak for itself.

At the end of the video after the teen recovers from getting a foot to the head you can hear him say, "woah, that guy kicked me in the head." Obviously is wasn't something he was expecting.

Perhaps the train driver kicked the teen to move him away from the train... who knows? Do you think the kick was meant to hurt the teen? Do you think the teen might have been too close to the tracks?

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