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Train derailment: Boston Green Line derailment probed

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Train derailment involving Boston's Green Line is now being probed. Service resumed on Tuesday after a trolley derailed underground near Kenmore Station. According to CBS Boston on Mar. 11, the Metro Boston Transit Authority (MBTA) is looking closely at the driver.

The MBTA has not found any problems with the signal system, the track or the train, so they are focusing on the performance of the trolley driver...

Sydley Gardner drove the Boston trolley involved in the train derailment, 48, at the time of the incident. Gardener has quite an extensive record to date. He has 20 moving violations including seven for speeding. He was hired in 2008, but records for new drivers were not checked until 2009.

The train derailment occurred Monday afternoon around lunchtime. Ten people were injured. All were taken to area hospitals and many complained of back injuries The MBTA's D-Line, or Green Line service runs between Landsdowne and Brookline in Boston. The incident happened near where the C and D-line tracks intersect. The lead car crashed into the tunnel wall during the derailment.

Buses were used until Green Line service was restored on Tuesday.

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