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Trailers Galore in Austin

Patika...a great smile, interesting conversation, and a great cup of coffee.
Patika...a great smile, interesting conversation, and a great cup of coffee.
Melissa Sue Photography

You can't drive into South Austin without seeing the many trailers sitting on the side of the road where you can find anything from tacos, cupcakes, and calzones.  Just over three weeks ago a new coffee trailer opened up on the 200 block of Congress.  Owned by Andy and Nick (two of the nicest guys you will ever meet), Patika Coffee is the biggest new hit for the surrounding businesses as well as for the northern folk like myself.

I asked Andy how the coffee business idea came about and he described that it was his passion for coffee that led them to the decision.  The trailer was just a result, and although fitting for Austin, they do have hopes of someday adding permanent ownership to retail space as a part of their business.  After previously been to this popular trailer, I asked how things had been going since they opened and Andy commented, "mostly fun" and has also found he has gained many regulars in the process.   This trailer, different from the rest, not only looks good, but also has a great product.  As you walk up to get your cup of java you are asked for your name, not to write on your cup, but to genuinely get to know you by name; personally that is what makes this trailer a great addition to the neighborhood. 

Along busy Congress Street this is a great place to take in a breath of fresh air and fresh brewed espresso at any time of day.  Nick told me their best made drink would have to be the Mocha, since they use their very own homemade chocolate sauce which took careful consideration and many tastings to create. 

If you're taking a walk downtown, needing a pick me up towards the end of your work day, or just looking for a great new coffee place, definitely give Patika a won't regret it.  I know that I will recommend it and when I am in town I won't forget to stop by and get my regular Soy Chai.

For more information please visit their website at

Also near by you will find a Kababalicious and a new Turf N Surf Po Boy trailer, make sure to try them out too, as I have heard they are both amazing.  Support the locals, that's what Austin is all about. 


  • rigo 5 years ago

    Great topics and content! Good eye on the photos as well.

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