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Trailer: 'The Other Guys' looks like more dumb fun from Will Ferrell

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star in 'The Other Guys'
Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star in 'The Other Guys'
Columbia Pictures

The trailer for The Other Guys, the latest film from comedian Will Ferrell and writer/director Adam McKay has arrived and it looks to be more dumb fun from this comedy duo.

Having previously brought us such films as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Step Brothers, Talladega Nights their latest project stars Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as mismatched cops who find an opportunity to make a name for themselves on the big city force. Clearly, things will not go as planned. Walhberg appears to riffing on his more serious turns in films like The Departed, while Ferrell plays his timid, by-the-books partner. It's not the most original of storylines, but it's really just the connective tissue that will allow Ferrell and Wahlberg ample room to parody the genre.

The film boasts a huge supporting cast of players including Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan, Anne Heche, Damon Wayons Jr., and Ray Stevenson, some of which can be glimpsed briefly in the trailer.

The Other Guys will hit theaters on August 6th.