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Trailer review: "Youth in Revolt" (redband version)

Michael Cera (times two!) in "Youth in Revolt"
Michael Cera (times two!) in "Youth in Revolt"

The new redband trailer for Youth in Revolt has been released and it has definitely made the movie much more appealing.  Based on the novel by C.D. Payne the movie stars Michael Cera as Nick Twisp, doing his normal Cera schtick of emo, shy boy.  Nick is in love with his neighbor Shenni Saunders (Portia Doubleday) who already has a boyfriend. To get the girl he wants Nick invents another personality that is everything he's not (and has a mustache).  This new personality, Francois, begins getting Nick into quite a bit of trouble, including a manhunt, but may also just be able to get Nick the girl of his dreams.

Watching the original trailers that had been released for the movie, I got more of a sense that this was just another teen comedy, especially with Cera in the lead.  He's not a bad actor, in fact he's quite enjoyable and great at what he does, but he does the same thing in every role he's played (see Arrested Development, Juno, etc.).  With this new trailer, it's shows that Cera may actually be taking a change of pace and playing a totally new character with Francois.  It's also nice to see Jean Smart who is always fun to watch. But this is definitely Cera's movie to either make or break, and this is pretty much the first time he's had the opportunity to really shine on his own.  Hopefully he can pull it off, but we'll be waiting until January the to find out for sure.

Trailer: **** (4 stars)