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Trailer Review: "The Switch"

Jenifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in the new movie "The Switch"
Jenifer Aniston and Jason Bateman star in the new movie "The Switch"

A new comedy from the makers of "Juno" and "Little Miss Sunshine", well count me in!
"The Switch" stars Jennifer Aniston ("Friends") and Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development") as
best friends. Aniston's character decides to become artificially inseminated and has a party,
tragedy/hilarity ensue when Bateman accidentally releases the specimen early. What else
can he do but fill it with his own? Seven years later, Aniston with her son move back to the
area and two things are obvious to everyone but the friends. One, that her son is also Bateman's
and two, that he is in love with her. How will this story unravel? Well, it seems pretty
obvious to me but funny nonetheless.

From this preview Bateman seems hilarious as a neurotic hypochondriac. The child actor also
seems like a bright spot in this film. I really only have two concerns besides a more than
likely predictable story line; Jennifer Aniston and Jeff Goldblum. Aniston isn't a
terrible actress, in fact she's pretty likable, but I get tired of seeing her in
romantic comedies all the time. I wish she would branch out and try different types
of roles, she could definitely pull them off if she would try. Goldblum on the other hand,
I'm just not a fan. His voice drives me crazy, and I never have found him entertaining.
Maybe he'll change my opinion, or maybe he'll have a small enough role. All will be revealed
when "The Switch" is released in August.


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