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Tragedy strikes two times for local Dallas band Spector 45

The Dallas Observer just recently reported about the death of Spector 45 bassist, Adam Carter. If you are in the local scene in Deep Ellum, you may have heard of the band. If you are unfamiliar with them, you may have heard them in the media not too long ago when their lead singer Frankie Campagna died (which was 77 days prior to Carter’s death).

Frankie Campagna and Adam Carter playing a local show.
D Magazine

Unfortunately, both of these young musicians were taking devastatingly by suicide. Many fans are in tears mourning the loss of both of these young musicians. Frankie Campagna was 24, and Adam Carter was 27. Even though this may seem a bit ironic, the scariest part of it all is the band Spector 45 had a song called, “Suicide Song.”

The band will be remembered for their greaser punk sounds, and their local contribution playing over 500 shows.


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