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Tragedy strikes SXSW music festival

Music, partying, and just a live time is what Austin is primarily know for, especially during time of year, with the cities grand annual music festival taking place. Austin would be known for that this year and then some, with the tragedy that stroke during the event, with a number people being hurt and some losing their lives, when a drunk driver ran over several attendees of this year's event. Not a deliberate attempt to taint the event but enough to stare up a soaring buzz, the incident left Austin and the music culture in appall.

Tragedy tries to spoil annual music festival
Tragedy tries to spoil annual music festival
Tragedy strikes music festival

South by Southwest is one of the biggest and most looked forward event in the world, most particularly in that it is close to spring break and it takes place in the most fun, young, and vibrant cities in America. Many of music biggest acts find their way and make it their business to come here every spring to further advance and promote their music, paying homage to the grassroots beginnings that have many of them their big breaks as well as showing love to loyal and supportive fans. Another spring is here and another South by Southwest festival in the archives but one not to be forgotten. Prayers and sympathies goes out to those individuals and families that have lost love one's.